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A jury unanimously determined Electrolux’s ball-hitch clothes dryer design is defective under both Pennsylvania’s Consumer Expectations Test and Risk-Utility Test in Allstate, et al. v. Electrolux Home Products, Inc., Civil Action No.: 116-cv-04276! Raymond Mack and Patrick Hughes represented Allstate in the four week trial, which resulted in the first jury verdict against Electrolux related to its ball-hitch dryers. The case involved eight separate dryer fires that occurred between 2012 and 2016 causing damage to residential and commercial properties insured by Allstate. At trial, Mr. Mack and Mr. Hughes presented evidence that Electrolux’s ball-hitch dryers are defective because they permit lint accumulation in a hidden area behind the dryer drum and in close proximity to the dryer’s heat source resulting in lint ignition. Once the lint is ignited it travels downstream and ignites combustible plastic component parts causing the fire to escape the dryer cabinet. The jury deliberated for less than three hours and returned a verdict in favor of Allstate in the stipulated amount of $830,000.

Attorneys from de Luca Levine LLC recently scored an appeal victory in the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania. We represented a national property carrier that insured a building damaged during the botched demolition of a neighboring, fire-damaged building. After the fire, the City of Philadelphia hired the defendant to assist with the official investigation by way of demolishing portions of the damaged building. During the demolition, wherein defendant failed to support the building’s outer walls, they collapsed onto neighboring buildings. Prior to trial, defendant argued that it was acting as an employee of the city when the incident occurred, and was therefore immune from suit. When the trial court agreed, our attorneys promptly appealed. In its appellate opinion, the Commonwealth Court reversed the trial court’s decision, finding that defendant was an independent contractor and therefore did not enjoy sovereign immunity. Thus, our client can go back to the trial court and continue pursuing its damages.

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Electrical faults, failures and fires – – oh my! Presented by Richard Boyd and Michael Wald
October 27-30, 2019
Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center
Washington DC, United States

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NASP 2018 Subrogation Litigation: Skills Management Conference
Winning Recoveries Against Utilities presented by Raymond Mack and Joseph McGlynn
Friday March 23 at 1 PM; The Roosevelt, New Orleans, LA

Utility cases present unique challenges for recovery professionals. This interactive presentation will demonstrate through real world examples how to ensure you make the right decisions and avoid the usual pitfalls. First, the presenters will explain why utilities are liable under a variety of scenarios. Second, the presenters will describe the anatomy of utility company litigation, and examine the evidentiary and legal roadblocks at each stage. The role of state Tariffs and the Public Utility Commission will be explored within the context of subrogation litigation. Finally, the presentation will include actual video and audio from the presenter’s cases to illustrate the above. The subrogation professional from each discipline will leave with the subject matter knowledge required to narrow the focus of your utilities case and increase the profitability of these claims.

All at NASP Annual Conference in Austin, Texas.
SPEAKERS: Jeffrey Zielinski and Kenneth Levine with Ed Steele from Erie Insurance-
DATE TIME:11/7/2017 at 11 AM
TITLE: Subrogation Ethics: Talking Points and Rules for Consideration by Subrogation Adjusters, Managers, and Attorneys

SPEAKERS: Patrick Hughes and Richard Boyd
DATE TIME: 11/6/2017 at 4:15 PM
TITLE: Dirty Laundry Revealed!: Navigating the Consumer Product Safety Act to Maximize Recoveries From Product Sellers

DAMAGES! Maximizing Your Recoverable Property Damage Claim, Presented by Jeffrey M. Zielinski 2016 Midwest (Subrogation) Conference scheduled for June 23rd, 2016 in Omaha, NE.

Federal Hazardous Substance Act - Friend or Foe? Evaluating and Exploiting Product Labeling Requirements for Combustible and Flammable Consumer Products, Presented by Ken Levine & William Vigilante 2016 NASP Annual Conference scheduled for October 24 2016


Catastrophic Gas Explosions and Aging Infrastructure: What Every Recovery Professional Must Know, Presented by Raymond Mack & Mark McDonald2016 NASP Annual Conference scheduled for October 24 2016


Show Me the Money NOW!" Obtaining timely Payment in Multi-Party Insufficient Limit Cases, Presented by Richard J. Boyd & Jeffrey M. Zielinski 2016 NASP Annual Conference scheduled for October 25 2016


Recent Developments, Trends & Decisions in Property Subrogation, Presented by Dan de Luca & John Schleiter 2016 NASP Annual Conference scheduled for October 25 2016


Fire Experts in Today's Courts: A Dramatization Legal Update
Kenneth Levine, Raymond Mack, and Michael Munger
NASP 2015 National Conference
Reno, Nevada
November 10, 2015

You hired the best expert for an important case, yet you lost before stepping foot in the courtroom. Why? This presentation will bring to life the most important issues presently facing fire investigators and engineers through use of dramatized courtroom vignettes with real attorneys and experts. The “performers” will recreate courtroom testimony, arguments and rulings from actual recent decisions, and spark discussions addressing the testing of expert opinions - qualifications, reliability and fit. In doing so, the presentation will focus on what today’s subrogation professionals should understand about how their expert testimony is actually reviewed, admitted or rejected – and why. Our attorneys will be joined for this presentation by Certified Fire Investigator David Klitsch, formerly of the Pennsylvania State Police Fire Marshall Unit.

Managing Recoveries through the Annual Cycle: From Budgets and Forecasts through the 4Q Stretch
Jeffrey Zielinski
NASP 2015 National Conference
Reno, Nevada
November 9, 2015

Jeff will be moderating a panel of insurance industry subrogation executives who will discuss the annual planning and execution by insurance recovery departments. This discussion will focus on different approaches to management requirements that are often not discussed amongst subro professionals outside their own company. The topics will range from the annual planning and development of expense and recovery budgets to executing on these goals throughout the year and down the stretch. The panelists will discuss their experiences with these annual cycle issues, hurdles they have overcome, and steps others can use to improve their own practices.

Advanced Settlement Strategies
Daniel de Luca and Rich Boyd
NASP 2015 National Conference
Reno, Nevada
November 9, 2015

This entertaining, interactive presentation will explore successful settlement strategies, focusing on subrogation litigation matters. Topics will include the process that best fits particular subrogation cases; choosing the right mediator; and addressing combative adversaries. Dan and Rich will be joined by PMA’s Scott Harrar, who will provide the carrier’s internal perspective as well. By understanding how to address and overcome various mediation and settlement roadblocks, subrogation professionals will maximize recoveries and achieve the best results for their clients/companies.

The Importance of Subrogation to the Claims Process
Daniel de Luca
Energi Risk Management & Insurance Summit
Washington, D.C.
October 13, 2015

Subrogation’s important role is often overlooked or unappreciated in the energy industry’s claim process. This panel discussion will include expert’s serving various risk management roles. Dan de Luca will focus on the importance of the insured’s role in the process, as well as the societal and financial benefits of subrogation best practices.

Cyber Subrogation in 2015
Kenneth Levine and Jeffrey Zielinski
NASP Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter Meeting
Fort Washington, Pennsylvania
September 30, 2015

Cyber Insurance is the hottest growing product in the industry, and the claims arising under such coverage are increasing along with the coverage. Almost every state has now enacted new identity protection and breach notification laws. This presentation will provide an overview on the cyber protection coverages and recovery opportunities, as well as a review of recent developing caselaw focused on subrogation limitations in this context.